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Our founders have launched more than :
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Why building
with Antai


Faster execution
and speed:

We accelerate your time to market and your fundraising. Our ventures achieve the key milestones of an early stage venture in half of the time of the industry’s average.

your chances:

High success rates amongst the companies backed by the studio in securing the resources to transition to the next phase. We maximize your odds to success building the next big thing.

Focus on
the essential:

Antai’s network and ecosystem allows you to focus on what really matters at the beginning, building a product that your customers love. We help you remove all the noise around that.

We are your global
operating partner


We give you strategic and operational support in all the critical areas.

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What our partners say

«Has saved us huge time and effort»

Having Antai at the other end of the phone whenever we’ve needed them has provided us with great peace of mind. Their vast experience launching companies and understanding of early challenges has saved us huge time and effort. They’ve been a great sounding board for us as well as provided emotional support at times when it was much needed

Ana Zamora, CEO Vitaance

«Operational support to accelerate the growth»

We are very happy with our relationship with Antai, it is a true partnership. Likewise, we’ve received 360 operational support to accelerate the growth since the beginning. In addition, thanks to Antai we’ve gained access to an extensive network of companies, customers and investors that allowed us to scale.

Jon Balzategui, CEO Vilma

«Providing experience, impact and values»

Antai is key long term partner you can count on. They were very supportive all the way in our partnership, providing experience, impact and values to our company since the very beginning.

Toni Estelle, Co-founder Marmota

«Key connections in any aspect of our business»

Antai has been a strategic partner for DOMMA since the beginning. They have always been available whenever we needed them, providing resources or key connections in any aspect of our business, as well as offering great strategic support

Mireia Roca & Cris Martínez, CoCEOs DOMMA

«Antai has been our most reliable partner»

We enjoyed working with Antai and its ecosystem from day one while sharing our values and vision for growth. Antai has been our most reliable partner, continuously helping us by leveraging its full network, knowhow and passion for acquiring new clients, talent and investors.

Pere Monràs Oliu, CEO Nemuru

«A key partner in our journey»

Antai has been a key partner in our journey, helping us with the corporate and business strategy definition, accelerating growth, connecting us with some of the current key members of our team and essentially being there every time that I need them.

Anna Boldu, CEO Platanomelon

«A human-centric partnership»

Sergio González, CEO PiperAI

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